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For the first time! Super robot Lion for FREE! +New result

Open an account with one of our partner brokers and get the robot for free. New results for April.
New results and new universal settings for super robot Lion

Another doubling of the Deposit by our client. As well as new settings without a grid with a double initial order.
Why is now the best time to start trading with the Lion robot?

After the publication of the previous article, one of the clients purchased a robot and set slightly aggressive settings. The result for the week is 1650 dollars. Read below what came of it.
 Honest result during the crisis by super Robot Lion

How not to merge during a crisis? How to stay in the black? How does the loss control system work? Our client shared with us his results during the crisis.
From $ 50 to $ 1,000,000

the Payback for the new Lion super robot for customers is about a month.
Deposit increase 570%

Or how the monthly profit on the Deposit increased from 215% to 574%.
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