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In this article, we will publish some cool results of our clients. All the results are in the Telegram channel, which is where absolutely all the results of clients are published. In addition, daily free trading signals, recommendations, free training, trading reports for the day.
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Customer results are published in the Telegram chat:  

The result of one of the participants of the closed signal chat from December 14, 2020: 
- Today, the profit is 67% ($3343) (now the profit is about 100%)
- Maximum drawdown of 19.5%
- The maximum profit for the day is $ 652
- 13119 transactions for this period
- The most active trading time is from 11.00 to 15.00 Moscow time (2 screen)
- In December, a strong preponderance of transactions on the AUD USD pair is about 40%. (3 screen)
- In January , the share of AUD USD 27.4%, EUR USD 23.9%, NZDJPY 23.7% (4 screen)
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Case study: How to disperse $ 1000 to $ 5500 in 4 trading days! Thank you to Anton for your feedback. 8000 transactions. Anton says that he has run a lot of cycles in addition to the levels, and in both directions.


Feedback from our customers

The case when emotions do not find words. Cпасибо Алле за отзыв:

"Good evening

Well, what I want to say...

My emotions can't find words. This is just wild puppy joy and delight!!!

For the day, 54% was given to me by the signalman!!! I put in $ 197 today and got $ 104.  

Magic...!!! And your private chat is a chest of money. Ding-ding on the phone.... and the money in your pocket.

Out of 14 chat signals, I managed to take only 8 ... and all closed with a profit (victory)

British -1, audi-3, Euro-2, nzd/jpy -2.

Only lot 0.25/1250take worked.

It turns out that in three days the signalman will fully pay off! Profitable investment (ok)

Thanks !!!!!"»

The first part of the review:     The second part of the review

«The deposit is more than doubled. Both the default scalper, the signaler, and the closed signal chat were used. On Friday, for example, Alla was trading in bokovik only with a Scalper.


"Good morning, friends

For me, really good )))

I will sum up the results for three days.

The depot was doubled in two days!!

And the signalman paid for himself on the third. Krasava!

On Thursday, all 6 chat signals and your nzdjpy hint were fully worked out in plus. True, two cycles went into the night (sorry...) And yet, there was no nzdcad in the chat, and the signalman chirped to me... in how!  & nbsp; And took it away))

In general, I picked up 8 signals. And on Friday afternoon, there was already one scalper working in the euro range.

A heartfelt THANK YOU for such a great pair of hardworking robots.

You guys are GENIUSES! "»


Why our FREE robot should cost $ 20,000 (customer's opinion):


Record-breaking customer Day:


A post with trading results based on signals from the chat for all weeks of 2020:


Statistics on the BestGrid robot for almost two years:

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