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01/25/2021 08:19:00 am

How to disperse $ 1000 to $ 5500 in 4 trading days.

10/19/2020 06:25:00 pm

127% for 1 day. Daily statistics on all positive and negative trades.

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As well as the client's feedback on scalper trading Scalper_AvtomatFX

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Автоматическая торговля робота SurfScalper (стейтмент_5)
Автоматическая торговля робота SurfScalper (стейтмент_6)

Forex robots for automated trading

Trade 24/5

Using the adviser, you never miss the entry point. Because the robot is trading 24 hours a day. Also, the robot will always bring the transaction to a logical conclusion, you do not need to constantly be present at the monitor

Solves the question of subjectivity

If in manual trading a person often makes mistakes when making a decision, the robot simply does not know how to do it. He has specific conditions for opening transactions, which he observes.

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High frequency trading

There are high-frequency strategies on the Forex market. Transactions must be opened very quickly and at the right moment. A person is physically unable to quickly open and close deals. For this, you need a robot.

Psychological factor

A man after several failures begins to fear to open new positions and often acts contrary to the algorithm. The robot is not able to respond to external stimuli and never deviates from the algorithm.

We remind you that automatic expert advisors are designed to help the trader, but not to replace him. By installing the EA on your account, You take responsibility into your own hands. And also understand that now use the best settings possible. Using our expert advisors requires certain knowledge and skills in the field of high-frequency trading. Before you start trading, please make sure that you understand all the risks and take into account your level of knowledge. And remember that there are times, especially in high-frequency trading, when the broker changes the flow of quotations and the robot temporarily does not make a profit. The most important thing is to control the drawdown. You choose for yourself the level of drawdown, below which You will not fall. Following some rules, you will achieve significant results at a distance. Buying our work, you take all the risks and questions about the appropriate conditions for trade.