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Transactions must be opened very quickly and at the right time. The person is physically incapable quickly open and close deals. That's what a robot is for.

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Trading 24/5

Using an Expert Advisor, you will never miss an entry point. Because the robot trades 24 hours a day. Also the robot will always bring the deal to its logical conclusion, you do not need to be constantly present for monitor

Dealing with subjectivity

If in manual trading a person often makes mistakes when making a decision, then the robot simply does not is able to do. He has specific conditions for opening deals, which he observes.

High frequency trading

There are high-frequency strategies in the Forex market. Transactions must be opened very quickly and at the right time. moment. A person is not physically able to quickly open and close transactions. That's what a robot is for.

Psychological factor

A person after several failures begins to be afraid to open new positions and often acts contrary to algorithm. The robot is not able to respond to external stimuli and never deviates from the algorithm.