Examples of earnings on return spread using Lincoln. News trading using Lincoln. Weekly report.

Previously, we asked you to leave a few characteristics of automatic conservative trading. Thank you for Your answers. All rational proposals have already been taken into account in the work. And today we will talk about how much you can earn on the return of the spread.

Everyone knows what is return spread? This is when part of the spread is returned to You. In simpler terms, this is when additional money is charged for trading activity. There is no need to change anything in your trading. You continue to trade as before. But, in addition, you will receive dividends.

Each broker provides a reward. It can range from $ 1.6 to $ 16 per traded lot. Those. opening a deal in 1 lot, you will receive a refund from this range depending on your broker and the type of account you have selected.

Consider an example: 


In the detailed report we see 58 deals. The advisors BestGrid 2.1 and Lincoln trade on this account. The total volume of orders is about 9 lots. Suppose that for your type of account, the payout will be $ 8 per 1 lot. Accordingly, 9 * 8 $ = 72 $. 72 $ You receive in addition to your profit. In this example, the profit is $ 500. Plus $ 72 spread return. Total 572 $. But now there is already a little more profit.

Now you yourself can calculate how many lots you trade on average per month. And immediately from the table of rewards, you will see the size of your charges. Once again, we do not need to take any additional action. Only check in the spread refund services what size of payments your broker provides. Well, of course, connect your account to this service.

If you need more detailed information on connecting to the spread return service, write to us “I want the instructions for returning the spread”. We will send it for FREE to your mail.

Consider another example.


In the Lincoln robot trade report, we see 3158 deals open. The average volume of transactions is 0.02 lots. We multiply 3158 * 0.02 = 63.16 lots. Round up to 63 lots. Payout per lot from $ 1.6 to $ 16 per lot. Let's not even take the average value. For example, $ 4 per lot. We get 63 lots * 4 $ = $ 252. Extra profit $ 252. But, you are well aware that the larger your deposit, the more volume you can trade. Accordingly, there will be a larger payout on the return of the spread.

IMPORTANT! Without realizing it, we discovered during real tests that the robot Lincoln fulfills the news very well. The examples of transactions below are, so to speak, a pleasant side effect.




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