Secrets of using a profitable strategy of overclocking the EA BestGrid 2.1.

AvtomatFX: "We managed to persuade the client to share the process of dispersing the Deposit from$ 100 to $ 1900. Spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved."

Hello everyone, my name is Oleg. And this is my detailed report very often Appears on the website Managers long ago I was persuaded to write a few lines about how I managed$ 100 to overclock to 1900$. Found some time and here's what came of it. Maybe someone my report will help and answer your questions.

I would like to start with the fact that I did not have much hope that I will be able to show super-results, especially in 1800%. Prior to that, the site had examples of overclocking three, four or six times. Something in that range. and buying bestgrid I did not expect that there will be such results. Assumed to start from 100 to 200 and make the recommendations, wondering when it will be able to do. Well, and, frankly, I understood that I risk all Deposit. Because set aggressive settings.

As I immediately understood, the robot is best used on USDJPY. Is meant for overclocking. And I was surprised that the settings for limit orders on the same valley and other pairs are very different. But over time,I realized that the settings are configured and optimized.And there are a lot of different variations of the combination of settings. for a beginner, it's going to be hard to figure it out. but the benefit of the developers shed their settings which I have sipritual. dropped something about 5-6 sets, but I've only used one on real. others on demo. I thought how to trade on the news, but in the process I realized from them almost nothing depends and they do not affect the result.

In fact, I hardly interfered with the work of the adviser. Well, you know, as is usually recommended on the Internet. Off on news, off on weekends and holidays. In practice for half a year checked out that news is not affected at all. As will then, not know.

Advisor trade and I myself gradually increased the size of the lot in the settings. Started with 0.1 lot per$ 100 but with the growth of the Deposit raised, but not in proportion. At first, the Deposit did not grow so fast and it is clear. But increasing, and profits grew much more pleasant. now found that NZDCHF still works well. Seth took on the USDJPY. It is clear that there are strategies that can afford more money, but I talk about their use Bestgrid2.1. I also understand that not without a share of luck I got such a result, the market was good and remains so for this strategy.

The market, of course, is constantly changing and you should understand that today's profitable strategy tomorrow may not give such a profit. so they need to be re-optimized or reassembled and supplemented. From my little experience I understand that there are no Grails. But there are real periods in the market. periods when the market and the robot strategy are compatible. It is very good if you understand where the market is at the moment for the pair you are trading. Sideways or trending. And how your strategy behaves in a trend or sideways. Make it visually simple. open daily chart and zoom out.

On the demo, by the Way, Bestgrid2.1 not as cool ottorgovalis, as in the real world.
Warn that was not the purpose of PR Just written really, what I got. Especially for such a detailed report gave me an adviser Lincoln)))). A sin not to write.


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