Deposit increase of 570%. Or how the monthly profit on the Deposit increased from 215% to 574%.

In the previous article we compared the results on six different accounts. Today I would like to highlight one of the accounts with the highest profit dynamics.this is Alexander's account and let's remember what the numbers were a month ago.

The profit since June 2019 is 215%, i.e. the Deposit of 10019 USD has been increased 3 times.


And monthly yield statistics for 19.11.19:


Now let's see what changed on 18.12.19.

The Deposit has been increased almost 7 times. 574% profit.

That is, 359% earned in one month!!!


Updated statistics by month:


The proportion of use of trading robots and strategies for this account of Alexander:

BestGrid2.1 60%

Lincoln 25%

I-ZONE 15%.


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