Hello! This article is entirely devoted to the EA BestGrid2.1 and in it we will summarize the interim results on 6 trading accounts. Statistics gathered already a lot, the more positive, so sit back. 

Account №1.
Deposit from 1567 USD increased to 5900 USD from mid-July 2019. The percentage is 277%. Roughly divide by 277% in less than 5 months. We get an average monthly yield of 55%. Trading is conducted only on one currency pair USDJPY.

Below is the yield curve and profit statistics by month.



Account №2

On this account, the profit was 4379 USD. Current Deposit 6096 USD. there Were already several withdrawals. Trading has been going on since may 2019. Below you can study the detailed statistics. Trade also only on one currency pair USDJPY.



Account №3
Profit growth from $ 2000 to $ 5468. Profit 3468$. But the trade is conducted by 2 robots. The bestgrid2.1 robot accounts for about half of the profits. There are 3 traded pairs: USDJPY, AUDCHF, NZDCHF. The maximum drawdown on closed orders is 16.7%. Current drawdown 298$.


Account №4.
Currency pairs are already much more. Profit from June 2019 is 215%, ie Deposit 10019 USD increased 3 times. 



Account №5.
Increase from $ 1,000 to $ 2,056 from may 2019. Only one currency pair USD JPY is traded.


Account №6.
In this article, incidentally, can be recall Pro crackdown of our student with 100$ until 1900$
Here the client shares his emotions and tells how he showed such a result.

So, above You have viewed the reports of real trading and can project the possible options on your Deposit. And at the end of the article we will drop you a link to the video. Run work the EA  BestGrid2.1 in the strategy tester: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnGUPVUGs7I&t=9s. In the video you will see examples of transactions.