Why is now the best time to start trading with the Lion robot?

After the publication of the previous article, one of the clients purchased a robot and set slightly aggressive settings. The result for the week is 1650 dollars. Read below what came of it.

At the time of Thursday evening (12.03) and Friday morning (13.03), transactions were not yet closed. 

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So, the result at the time of Thursday evening and Friday morning + 28% for 4 days on aggressive tinctures.
By Friday evening, growth was already 40% of profits. From $ 4,000 to $ 5,650.



A detailed report can be obtained by writing to us by mail info@avtomatfx.com или в скайп AvtomatFX Official.

Nikita purchased the robot as soon as he got acquainted with the result of another client: https://avtomatfx.com/en/articles/chestnyy-rezultat-vo-vremya-krizisa-superrobotom-lion/