Honest result during the crisis by super Robot Lion

How not to merge during a crisis? How to stay in the black? How does the loss control system work? Our client shared with us his results during the crisis.. 

Quote:« Bottom line: the result for the quarter (11/14/19 - 02/28/20) from 4k to 8k (100%), but in the crisis market it leaked 2.4k, totaling $ 5680. The result is current + 42%.»

Some analysts compare the current crisis with the 2008 crisis. In our estimates, we will be a little more modest and compare yesterday’s chaos with 2016, 2015, you can also capture 2014.   And, in the article below, we will show how our client’s deposit slipped on yesterday’s movements, but in total for the quarter & nbsp; result + 42%.

Therefore, while in all chats the robots are writing about merged deposits, our super Robot Lion correctly recorded a loss. This is all the same setting of the selected part of the deposit, which we wrote about earlier in articles, in letters to you in the mail and on our Youtube channel. Once again, we repeat its feature:

“Regarding the use strategy: we take 10 overclocking settings. We put on a deposit, each setting on the tenth of the deposit. If the deposit is 1000, then for every 100 its own setting. Those. one setting more than 100, can not subside. The settings are chosen such that even not in the most ideal embodiment, one setting can multiply the potential loss from nine others. If the deposit is 100 dollars, then we make a cent of it from 10,000 cents, and for each 1000 cents we set our setting. In doing so, we use motley currency pairs to reduce the likelihood of all pairs flying simultaneously. ”

So, we pass to results.
The result for the quarter (11/14/19 - 02/28/20) from $ 4,000 to $ 8,000 (100%)
The initial deposit was $ 5000. Then there was a withdrawal of $ 1000 (marked with a red arrow). We can say that trading began with $ 4000.   Further, not without difficulties, the deposit at the end of February grows to $ 8000. That is, there is a doubling.


Now we move on to the final part of the statement on 09.03.2020.   Closing the deal with the loss limit setting is the red arrow. Even though the EURNZD movement was 1000pt, the setup worked correctly. Since traders often complain about slippage. Our robot has protection against slippage and moreover, the so-called “hidden stop loss” setting is used, which even a broker does not see.


It turns out that we resisted the crisis event that happens every 5 years, according to our assessment, and every 10-12 years according to some analysts.

Cool? How do you think? To receive a detailed report, write to us by mail info@avtomatfx.com.

The likelihood of febrile market behavior is extremely small. Therefore, you can carefully put the Lion Robot. 

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