Overclocking from$ 50 to $ 1,000,000 by the EA Lion

We have developed a new super robot Lion, which showed in the tester acceleration from $ 50 to $ 1,000,000 for only one currency pair EURUSD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xn4MAPlFyA

Our clients already have the first real results. When we place the works on the site, the price will be 2000 dollars. Now you have a 75% discount on pre-order. That is, the cost is only $ 500. Trades are opened at the beginning of the hour, after the decision on the closed hour bar. On average, the order hangs for a couple of days to give the price a walk, so to speak.

The principle of use:
Trades on H1. As you can see, deals are 80% on trend. We are going to use the robot for overclocking as follows: we take 10 overclocking settings. We put on a Deposit, each setting for a tenth of the Deposit. If the Deposit is 1000, then every 100 has its own setting. I. e. one setting more than 100 can not sink (settings can be set overclocking or quiet conservative).
The settings are selected in such a way that even in the most ideal case, one setting can cover the potential loss from the other nine times.

If the Deposit is 100 dollars, then we make a cent of it 10,000 cents and put our own setting for every 1000 cents.
And of course, you need to put it on your accounts as quickly as possible in order to use favorable market conditions.
Those who purchased this robot by pre-order have already seen the first profitable deals.

Real result:
1) C 5000$ to 15000$ from the beginning of November

2) From 2000 USD to 4600 USD from the beginning of December

3) C 1000 to 1470 per month


If you need detailed reports with real results, please send us an email info@avtomatfx.com.

To start the most comfortable cooperation, and you are convinced of the effectiveness of our robots, we offer you a large discount + gift.

But that's not all! To make your trading account as balanced as possible, when buying a new Lion super robot with a 75% discount% FIRST 20 CUSTOMERS as a GIFT will be shipped by our robot BestGrid 2.1. https://avtomatfx.com/en/bestgrid/

Subtotal: Your benefit is $ 2,500.


LION is an indicator expert Advisor. The principle of operation is based on a multi-factor analysis of the current situation, which includes finding the place of the trend reversal, waiting for confirmation signals and further entering the transaction. Take profit is set to the end zone of the predicted movement with an adjustment for the most likely achievement of the goal. In the course of trading, several orders are opened in the same direction, but this can not be called a Martingale, since orders are not opened with a certain step, but only in the zones of the origin of the trend, confirmed by the EA's indicators. Therefore, the distance between open orders is determined not by dry numbers in the settings, but by the actual prerequisites for a reversal in the direction of current transactions. Therefore, when the price does not go in the direction of the previously opened transaction, you can not be afraid of opening a lot of orders. The EA will open the next orders only after the price reversal is confirmed by the indicators.

Such a low price for the robot, until we placed it on the site.

Indication based on which the Lion robot works