Profit growth of 460% and 570% with the help of BestGrid expert Advisor


Customers increased one Deposit by 460%, the second by 570%. And this is for a month and a half.
The first screenshot of the report of trading on the USDJPY currency pair.
The initial Deposit is $ 110.
Attention!!! The maximum drawdown of 11.5%! At a yield of 460%. Of course, the EA is configured for overclocking. And, Yes, maybe a good market was for this robot. But these are the areas of the market and you need to look for to disperse the depot several times.
Surprisingly, out of 56 trades only 2 are unprofitable! And on average we get about 2 transactions per trading day. As a result the EA BestGrid 2.0.?


Now let's move on to the second screenshot. Here is the trading report for the GBPJPY currency pair.
It is not so beautiful at the maximum drawdown (36%), but the yield is higher - 570%.
Transactions are already much more – 324. But this is because the client has recently optimized the EA. Found calmer settings and added a few other currency pairs. This can be seen on the yield curve – it has become more smoothed.

83% of profitable trades!
What is the result of a month and a half? Moreover, the trader who bought this EA optimized it on his own, found additional settings for his

There is also a report of one of our customers. Increase of 100% in 12 trading days. GBP JPY currency pair. Aggressive settings for the M5 timeframe. The initial Deposit is $ 10. The maximum drawdown of 23%. Out of 39 trades only 3 are unprofitable.

But once again, these settings are only for overclocking. If you need more accurate, you get them after the payment Advisor. And so you get a set for optimization, and you can search for the appropriate settings for you.

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