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Below is a free purchase option:
Open an account with our partner brokerRoboforex follow the link below:
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The Deposit must be topped up from 500 Euro (or 550$). And then send us the account number to confirm and link the robot.You open a Deposit of 500 Euro (or 550$) and get a free robot Lion worth 2000dol + any other robot of your choice! If you need advice on choosing a second robot as a gift, please contact us by email or skype.

The Lion robot has two algorithms:
1)    with martingale
2)    and without it this video shows the secret super robot indicator.

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Real result of Pavel's client. from 5000 to 6800 in a month and a half. Joint trading robot Lyon and Franklin. Quote: "The purchase of the robots was completely justified".

Another result of our client Nikita.
Profit growth from 10,000 to 15,000 in one trading month with Lion super robot. Profit +50%.the Robot trades on 7 currency pairs. During the month, a total of 132 orders were closed. For the EURUSD 2 currency pair settings.

Second account. The increase in profits from 2700 to 4600. Profit +41%. 119 orders were closed. The settings are almost the same for 7 currency pairs. For the EURUSD 2 currency pair settings.


Result of Sergey's client. On the mixed settings of the super robot lion, more than$ 700 profit per month. The settings are very conservative.

Run on new settings from 2015. Universal settings without martingale.

And below are tests of the new aggressive configuration. Deposit increased from 100dol to 1100dol per month. 211 transactions. The actual reports in the telegram and the article.


Taking into account the crisis situation in the world, we meet our clients ' needs and can discuss any of Your suggestions for purchasing our robots.
Email Skype: AvtomatFX Official.