Profit of 200% for 2 months by Lion Robot and first results by Roosevelt robot 25% for 4 trading days. 

48% for 2 weeks, 53 euros for 2 days, 450% for 2 months -

  At the end of the article, you will find information about how to get robots for free. the Latest results from a client of Nikita. From $ 5,000 to $ 15,000. Settings are aggressive with Martin. 232 transactions in a month and a half. The new version of the Lion robot has settings without martingale. Nikita purchased works at a fixed price. You can get it for free.



Another result of super robot Lion on aggressive settings. The result for two incomplete months: from $ 2,100 to $ 6,200 148 transactions. 7 currency pairs.


Results from Nikolai. New robot Roosevelt.
Nicholas received the robot as a gift at the beginning of this week. For 4 trading days, the result is already 25%. The robot trades without a grid, without a martingale. A single order. 68 deals were opened in less than 4 days. This is quite a lot for a robot without a martingale. 89 deals were opened.

To be honest, we ourselves are impressed that the robot Roosevelt captures local extremes in this way. See how accurately it worked out the correction: closed the sell at the bottom, opened the buy in the correction, closed the buy at the very top of the correction, and opened a new sell from there.

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The Deposit needs to be topped up from 550 USD. And then send us the account number to confirm and link the robot.You open a Deposit from 550dol and get a free lion robot worth 2000dol, and you can also choose another robot from our site as a gift.& nbsp;the Second robot as a gift, we recommend choosing the robot Roosevelt, which has already brought new customers 25% in a week. A robot with no martingale. Daily results in the telegram channel. 

The result of our client Stas for the year is 275%. Trading robots BestGrid + Lion. 
If you need advice on choosing a second robot as a gift, please contact us by email or Skype. Given the crisis situation in the world, we are ready to meet our clients and discuss any of Your suggestions for purchasing our robots.
Email Skype: AvtomatFX Official.

The Lion robot has two algorithms:
1) with martingale
2) and without it 
The last video shows the secret indicator of the superRobot Lion.

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