New results and new universal settings for the super Robot Lion

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Honest results during a crisis суперРоботом Lion -

New video with universal secure settings:  

We reveal the secret of what a virtuoso signalman looks like (the indicator that the super Robot Lion uses). Just look at the deals, how beautifully the robot works out.

Current open deals on the Lion account (screenshots from several accounts):






*The screenshots clearly show how the robot gains positions in the local trend after a reversal.

Closed transactions on the Lion project:



We remind you that using the Lion super robot it is impossible to merge the Deposit.

And we reset the result of another of our clients.

Since March 10 1007$ profit (at 02.04.2020 already about 1250$) on the most conservative settings..

The result was obtained using a joint trading robot Lion and Franklin. 


Also an example of a client on very aggressive settings from $ 5000 to $ 10000 in 3 weeks. The Lion Robot. 

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In the video introducing the robot's secret display. An additional filter is used. But, as you can see, 95% of the signals are already processed without a filter.this video shows cool new settings for the lion super robot. No martingale. Two single orders with a fixed stop and take. Toni several times more stop. If the number of losing orders in a row is small, you can apply an increase in the position volume of the next order. In this version, a dynamic lot is used (with the growth of the Deposit, the volume of orders increases).


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