In this article, we will analyze how our once doubting client earned $ 2168 using the trading strategy I-ZONE and has already withdrawn its profits.

It all started with the fact that Sergey watched a video of the trade recorded by our other student:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws_6F7kGxeU. And immediately began to attack our mail with questions, is it really so. Will he be able to show such results, what risks, how many transactions per day, how long you need to be at the monitor. Having received two free training manuals, Sergey fully studied the specifics of the trading strategy, looked at the material about all kinds of entry points. Upon learning that he would have the opportunity to consult with a personal manager on a daily basis, he finally acquired the system.

A couple of days traded on a demo account, saw the first results and asked to link the trading strategy to two real accounts.  When started trading on real, we on our Youtube channel released a second video about trading our other student:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU8MPP55_XE.
Sergey was even more motivated and began to trade carefully. Sergey's distinctive feature is that he chooses the most highly probable trades. If he does not understand the signal from the system indicators, he will miss it. Although already, according to him, he clearly understands when to enter and when not. In any case, there is always a stop loss.
Further, as Sergey said, he began to feel even more confident when we created a Telegram chat. Trading signals on IZONE strategy, forecasts are published daily in the chat, all entry points are analyzed and reports on all transactions made for the day are provided.

At the beginning of the day, it is already approximately clear which pairs can be traded. Especially in the chat, our traders send a recommendation on which pairs we pay attention to. Then the signals will not miss the entry point.
That's actually the results of Sergei in two accounts for a month and a half of trading. The arrows indicate the withdrawal of funds on the chart and the total profit.

The first bill. Profit $ 643. Conclusion 488$. Drawdown on closed trades of 2.79%

Second account. Profit 1525$. Conclusion 1191$. Drawdown on closed trades of 1.33%.

How do you like Sergey's result?
Recall that when buying a trading strategy I-ZONE You get another tutorial with a few secret patterns.

Examples of how signals are processed